Marjorie Ordene

Marjorie Ordene

Marjorie Ordene


I am an integrative M.D. certified in functional medicine, a practice that does not simply treat symptoms but gets to the root cause of your problem. Functional medicine assesses your overall body function and zeroes in on the specific factors that affect your particular condition. These factors may include hormonal imbalances, impaired immune and nerve function, poor digestion, metabolic disorders, or other issues.

Since my holistic approach considers the whole person, I also look for predisposing genetic and environmental factors. I pay attention to emotional, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of your life, plus features of your lifestyle that may help perpetuate your condition. I take the time to listen to your story and understand your problem fully.

I use advanced laboratory testing to discover the cause of your symptoms and create a customized treatment plan for you.

Education and Training

A graduate of Swarthmore College and Cornell University Medical College, I have been in practice for over 25 years. I first became interested in holistic medicine in the late 1980s while working as a family physician at an alternative clinic on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. There I began to explore nutritional and herbal medicine, biofeedback, traditional Chinese medicine, and homeopathy. During those early years I also discovered the spiritual side of medicine, which became fundamental to my practice and my life.

I began my private practice in 1991, with the goal of combining the latest scientific advances with traditional healing methods. At that time, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Leo Galland, a founder of functional medicine and best-selling author, who became my mentor. He sparked my interest in gut health and its relation to allergies and autoimmune problems. I joined the Academy of Environmental Medicine and became one of the first practitioners of the innovative immune treatment now known as low-dose allergen therapy (LDA).

I work with people who have given up on getting better because they believe they have no treatment options left. I have restored to health patients with adrenal and thyroid problems, sleep and mood issues, bladder and vaginal problems, rheumatoid and other types of arthritis, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, auto-immune conditions, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, and many hard-to-treat allergies, including eczema and chronic infections (which are often due to allergy). I am passionate about helping people regain the ability to enjoy life and reach their potential!