Patient Testimonials

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"When I came to Dr. Ordene after many years of treatments with other specialists, suffering from fatigue and hypersensitivity to chemicals and mold, she reassured me that I would recover. She treated me with LDA immunization shots to treat my sensitivity. Within a short time I began to feel relief. She adjusted my thyroid after many attempts by other doctors in a way that finally worked well. She treated my fatigue with an adrenal supplement providing relief, even after many years of treatments with other doctors that fell short of solving the problem. She also cured my ED problem with a simple test and supplementation. Her practical approach accompanied with her extensive knowledge and caring attitude cuts to the root of the problem and solves it in a simple way."
- Albert T.

"Dr. Marjorie Ordene is a real treasure. She is friendly, patient, and thorough, and takes the time to listen?a rare quality in this era of mechanized managed health care. Her office is attractive and homey and her office manager, Patience, is as attentive and friendly as Dr. Ordene. The two together give you that old-fashioned family doctor feel."
- Susan B.

"Dr. Ordene treated my arthritis with LDI, an immunotherapy, to desensitize me. I immediately noticed a difference with restored mobility in my joints and fingers, elimination of creaking when I moved my arms and shoulder, and my morning stiffness was gone. Before seeing Dr. Ordene I would exercise 1.5 hours a day, could not lose weight. Dr. Ordene treated my thyroid and adrenal function with a simple test, thyroid medication, and an adrenal supplement. Even though my PCP had measured my thyroid as normal, Dr. Ordene was able to sense that it was depressed. Now I have restored energy and vitality and lost twenty pounds without any difficulty."