Heart Problems

Treatments for Common Heart Related Problems

Heart Problems

Many people who come to see me are concerned about their risk for heart disease, especially if it runs in the family. Although some risks are inherited, most can be offset with proper lifestyle. I do genetic testing to determine your inherited risk of heart disease, then take those results into account as I look at your other test results and decide on a treatment plan.

High Blood Pressure

I take my time measuring your blood pressure in order to get a true reading, not one influenced by the stress of a doctor visit.

I do blood testing to determine the cause of your high blood pressure and then choose from a variety of natural supplements and/or medications depending on your individual needs.

I teach and encourage stress reduction to lower blood pressure naturally.

I recommend a simple home device called RESPeRATE that is FDA-approved for the treatment of high blood pressure and works by slowing your breathing rate to reduce stress and relax the smooth muscles surrounding your blood vessels.

Stress Reduction to Control Palpitations and Other Arrhythmias

I encourage you to wean off caffeine and stimulants.

I may prescribe a homeopathic remedy to treat acute anxiety or panic.

I teach you breathing and relaxation techniques, including meditation and coherence breathing, a method that slows down the breath in order to calm your nervous system.

Heart Problems

I may prescribe cranial electrical stimulation with an Alpha-Stim AID, a small device that calms you by balancing your neurotransmitters.

High Cholesterol

I prescribe a cardio-protective diet.

I use supplements such as red yeast rice, plant sterols, Bergamonte extract, tocotrienols, niacin, policosanol, and essential fatty acids to lower cholesterol naturally.

I test for low thyroid levels, which can exacerbate high cholesterol, and correct them if necessary.

If I prescribe cholesterol-lowering medications, I check for and replace any deficiencies they may cause, such as reductions in CoQ10, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, D, and E, carnitine, and thyroid hormone.