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My mission is educating you to take charge of your health so you can lead a more useful, productive life.
I want to establish myself as your partner in achieving this goal. No problem is too large or too small to overcome. By uncovering the root causes of your dis-ease, I empower you to make the necessary changes to move forward.

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Meet the Practitioner

Marjorie Ordene

Marjorie Ordene


Marjorie Ordene, MD 2515 Avenue M
Brooklyn, NY 11210 US

PHONE: (718) 258-7882

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"Dr. Ordene treated my arthritis with LDI, an immunotherapy, to desensitize me. I immediately noticed a difference with restored mobility in my joints and fingers, elimination of creaking when I moved my arms and shoulder, and my morning stiffness was gone..."
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"Dr. Marjorie Ordene is a real treasure. She is friendly, patient, and thorough, and takes the time to listen?a rare quality in this era of mechanized managed health care..."
Susan B.
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"When I came to Dr. Ordene after many years of treatments with other specialists, suffering from fatigue and hypersensitivity to chemicals and mold, she reassured me that I would recover. She treated me with LDA immunization shots to treat my sensitivity. Within a short time I began to feel relief..."
Albert T.
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